The Phallosan Forte: Could This Be the Best Stretching Device?

Are you looking for the safest way to increase the size of your penis? Do you have an incurvate penis, a small penis, or just want to get a little bit bigger to satisfy your own confidence?

With over a decade of experience in the lengthening and strengthening field, Phallosan takes a different approach to stretching the tissues of the penis.


Instead of putting tension behind the glans of the penis, the Phallosan Forte uses a vacuum system that encompasses the entire penis.

It is the only patented orthopedic belt system in the world today. If you’ve had mixed results from traditional stretching devices, then the vacuum protector technology of this system could be the answer to your needs.

How Does This Device Work?

The premise behind stretching the tissues of the penis is sound science. When the tissues are stretched, the cells that make up those tissues are naturally encouraged to divide. This creates a natural environment for the body to react in three primary ways.

  1. More tissue cells are created, lengthening the size of the penis in both the flaccid and erect state.
  2. Blood vessels are stretched and lengthened as well, improving blood circulation and therefore giving guys harder erections.
  3. More strength is developed, giving men better control over their personal sexual experience.

What Phallosan brings to the market is a device that is absolutely painless when it is worn correctly. It can even be worn at night because the system adapts to the penis whenever there is an erection taking place. There is very little risk of injury because there is no blood flow blockage taking place. There is just a very faint vacuum that is felt on the penis, creating a comfortable wearing experience that can work all day!

What About Swelling and Redness?

One of the big problems that happens with a penis stretching device is that the head or foreskin of the penis can end up becoming very swollen and red or even purple because the blood flow gets trapped. A protector cap is used with this system to protect against this exact scenario. It counters a suction that might be a little too strong by compressing the tissues down upon themselves while being stretched. Think of it like a compression sleeve you’d wear on your arm while playing basketball. It’s the same scientific concept!

The final advantage that guys get with this system is the fact that it is approved by European health authorities and it conforms to EC council directives for safety. The materials used are latex-free, reducing the chances of an allergic reaction. The support belt is made from a foam silicone that is of a medical grade. The entire manufacturing process is also free of formaldehyde.

What is the result? A safe, painless system that helps to consistently stretch your penis so it can grow very quickly! If you’ve had poor or mixed results from tension-styles of a penis stretcher, then try the Phallosan system today. It could be the answer to all of your problems!

Don’t Try a Penis Stretcher Until You Read This!

Are you thinking about using a penis stretcher to enlarge the size of your penis?

Before you purchase any equipment, make sure you read this article to make sure that you select the best device possible! There are a lot of cheap, bad products that are on the market right now that you should absolutely avoid. The wrong device could cause you some lengthy health problems, so let’s make sure you get the right product today, ok?

doctor-recommendedHere are 7 ways to help you make sure you’re getting the best product possible!

It Must Be a Medical Device

1) The penis stretcher you select should be an approved medical device that has received clearance from the United States and the European Union for wear.

These devices must meet certain quality specifications in order to gain clearance, so if the equipment you’re considering doesn’t have this clearance, then you’re purchasing an inferior product.

Click here to find out the best penis stretcher doctors recommend.

It Should Be Adaptable

2) You’re not putting your penis into prison, so make sure that the stretcher you’ve selected allows your penis to move about naturally as you wear the device. If the device restricts you from achieving an erection when you get aroused, you could be wearing something that could end up hurting you in the long run.

Look For Variety

3) No two guys have the exact same penis, which means a stretching device needs to be adaptable to multiple men. Look for different kits, adaptation equipment, and other approved methods that will help you customize your wearing experience.

comfortable-penis-stretcherIt Should Be Comfortable

4) To get the best results from your stretching device, you’ll need to wear it for several months for several hours every day. You’ll want to invest in a comfortable device that won’t dig into your penis or cause you pain at the scrotum because of the tension that is being put on your tissues. Look for a 58 way comfort system or some other means of comfort that works for you.

Does It Straighten a Curve?

5) A quality device will carefully stretch your penile tissues to slowly straighten out a curvature that you may have. Some curvature is normal for guys, but too much curvature can create problems with sex. If you have a severe curvature, look for a stretching device that includes a Peyronie’s kit to help you relieve some of the pressure on your penis.

Can You Adjust the Tension?

6) Some cheap stretching devices only allow for one tension setting and that may mean wearing the device could be a waste of your time. The best devices have two or three tension options to allow you the opportunity to place the right amount of tension on your tissues to achieve a maximum level of growth.

Is It Priced Fairly?

7) You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to get equipment that has received clearance. An advanced kit with full comfort equipment will cost less than $400. You can eliminate some optional figures to cut that price by at least 25% and still receive a good experience. That way you’re never overpaying for a penis stretcher!

Penis Pills: Here’s the Real Truth

There’s a lot of misleading information on the internet today about the benefits of penis pills. Let’s just say it: pills don’t make you get bigger than you already are. It might help you get harder and you might have a stronger erection, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be bigger.

That’s the one thing these sellers and pill manufacturers don’t want to tell you! They’d rather mislead you into believing that you’re actually bigger where it counts to keep getting you to buy their products!

my-big-dickBut I Know My Penis Is Bigger…

  • Do you actually know you have a bigger penis?
  • Did you take a measuring tape to your penis and measure the length of it when flaccid and when erect?
  • Do you know the actual circumference of your penis so you know that you’ve had gains in girth?

Pill manufacturers and promoters sell nothing more than a very expensive placebo in terms of actual physical growth.

That doesn’t mean pills can’t do a body good. Penis pills are specifically designed to relax your blood vessels and give you more energy, often through natural herbs and stimulants. For many guys, this is what leads to:

  • having an increased sexual drive,
  • a harder erection, and
  • even better control while having sex, eliminating the premature ejaculation.

These are all great things! They are often what many guys need to have a fulfilling sexual experience. They just aren’t an improvement in your actual physical size. If you begin taking one of the better products that are around with your eyes wide open, then you’ll be more likely to have your expectations met.

What Is the One Problem With Penis Pills?

penis-pillsThe problem that guys have with these pills is that they’re essentially throwing their money into a dark pit. The effects of these pills are comparable to the feeling that you’ll get from a cup of coffee in the morning! You’re still tired when you wake up, so you drink some coffee and in a few minutes you feel more awake, right?

As the day progresses, however, you begin to hit the wall and so you drink another cup of coffee.

These pills are the same way. You’ll feel great a few minutes after you take them and you’ll likely see some impressive results! As time goes by, however, you’ll begin to notice that the results begin to get less impressive until they are no longer there any more. That means you’ve got to take another pill to replicate the results.

There’s a funny thing about the human body: it adapts. The longer you take the pills, the less your experience will be over time. That’s why you should never overdo it when it comes to a male enhancement product such as this. Without the advice of a doctor, you could be putting your body at risk for a future health problem that penis pills won’t be able to solve at all.

Can You Have a Large Penis That’s Too Large?

For many guys, the question of having a large penis is something of a silly question. Every guy at some core level wants to have a larger penis and there’s a wide variety of reasons as to why. From better sex to better confidence in the locker room, a man’s reasons or his own. There are a couple of questions to ask, however, when contemplating a larger penis to make sure you keep your good health.

  • How large of a penis is actually too large for your body frame?
  • How much growth is enough for your self confidence?
  • Could you hurt yourself permanently by extending the size of your penis?

Let’s take a look at the answers to those questions together.

large-penisHow Large Is Too Large?

Human anatomy has some limits and a penis that is too large when having sex can make the entire process uncomfortable at best and very painful at worst.

If you dick is the size of a Coke can and longer than 7 inches, you’re going to create an uncomfortable situation for many partners.

Obviously having a thin, small penis creates a different problem because your partner might not be able to even feel you inside of them!

You need to find a happy medium. If you have an erect penis that’s less than 4 inches in size when erect, then there is no harm in becoming larger. If your penis is 7 inches long or greater, then any length or girth gains could be a problem.


How Much Growth Is Enough?

This is the question that most guys end up asking themselves after they have been working to increase their penis size for some time.

perfect-penis-sizeMost guys can see about two inches of growth, on average, with some advanced equipment and techniques. Some guys have been able to achieve up to 5 inches of growth, starting in the 3 inch range and ending with a penis, when erect, at 8 inches.

If your penis is above 7 inches and you don’t think you have enough, then you may wish to look at other options to boost your confidence. Worst case scenario: turn off the lights when you’re having sex and make your partner enjoy the experience!


Could You Hurt Yourself?

If you try to extend the tissues of your penis too far, then there is a possibility for an injury to occur. This happens to most guys because they try to get the size they want too quickly and end up putting more pressure on their penis. Some guys grow out their penis too much and their body struggles to adapt to the new equipment, resulting in partial erections. Scar tissue can even form on some men, creating a curvature of the penis.

As with anything involving a modification of your body, proceed carefully with your wishes to have a large penis. It could help… but are you trying to help your partner? Or yourself?

Hair Removal For Men

hair-removal-menOnce upon a time, hair removal was something only women did – if you were a man, you just didn’t do that type of thing, unless for some reason, it was part of your job/hobby (Bodybuilder, swimmer, that sort of thing.) That’s all changed now, hair removal for men is a pretty popular thing.

Blame it on the media, or peer pressure, or who knows what, but men are opting in more and more for hair removal now. Nearly just as many men are having hair removal done as women now!

Should men remove body hair?

A lot of men wonder if removing their hair is something that should be done. Our parents or friends have probably made fun of such a thing for so long that we just assume it’s a terrible thing as a habit. However, it’s not that bad – and there’s no reason as to why it shouldn’t be done, if it’s something that you want done.

Different Methods

Hair removal for men is still a pretty new thing – or fad (you decide.), so while women usually tend to know what they’re doing in that department, men grow up not knowing much about it. An occasional article in a magazine, or maybe website – or whatever is on the back of the hair removal cream box at the local store – that’s about all of the formal training men get.

So, that being said, let’s dig into a few different options for hair removal and cut through some of the fog for you.


waxing-for-menHair Removal option 1: Waxing

You’ve probably seen this done in quite a few movies – usually comedies – because there is some pain involved. Though, it’s not as bad as said movies make it out to be.

Hair removal wax nowadays isn’t that terrible.

It’s designed to specifically stick to only your hair. Just apply the wax to the area that you’re working on, apply a special cloth strip on top of the wax and give it a few minutes to dry. (Check your instructions – each wax may be different.) Once it’s dry, just pull the strip away and the hair will come with it. While there is a little pain with this method, it really only takes a few minutes to do – so that’s a big plus. The cost is also pretty low. You’ll be looking at $5-$10 for a kit from your local store.


hair-removal-creamsHair Removal For Men Option 2: Creams

This option is similar to waxing in many ways. There’s no strips to rip off of your skin – so there’s a lot less pain. This option may work best for many men who want to do it quickly and easily at home, but don’t want to deal with the pain and complications of trying to use a wax.

Hair removal creams work by way of a chemical reaction by literally dissolving the hair at the base, which causes the hairs to just fall out and wipe away when you remove the cream. It’s a really painless and quick method of hair removal.

However, that being said – as it is a chemical, some people may be allergic.

Test it on a small area to see how it works first.

Also, keep in mind, this may not be the best option for genitals – that skin may be too sensitive for this. One last – make sure that you pay close attention to the directions on the kit, because if the cream is left on for too long, it may very well cause chemical burns – which is worse to look at than a lot of hair, and painful.

These kits are usually pretty cheap, going for roughly $10 a piece at your local retail store.


laser-therapyHair Removal For Men Option 3: Laser Treatments

This method you can’t do at home – and it’s quite a bit more expensive compared to the previous two options. However, in the long run this may be the cheapest option.

Laser treatment literally uses a laser (okay, a laser light – not as “Trekky” as it sounds.) to kill the root of the hairs.

Technically the hair can grow back – but a lot of times, the hair is gone for good.

If it does grow back, you’ll notice that it’s quite a bit thinner than before and it probably took a really long time to get to the point it’s at. “Touch ups” can always be done to take care of those hairs too.

Again, this method is a bit expensive – around $500 or so, but keep in mind: Most of your hair will probably be gone for good – and if it’s not it will take a long time to grow back.


As you can see, there are a few options – and no option is best. However, one of these methods may work better for you over another, so hopefully this information will help you decide how you want to go about it.


Hair loss – Why does it happen and what can you do about it?

hair-lossYou’re losing your hair right now. In fact, everyone is losing their hair – most people are losing about 100 hairs per day.

Most people won’t see any normal loss or thinning at that rate.

However, as we get older, our hair does tend to thin out – some more than others. There are many factors that affect this: some of them natural, some of them caused by outside sources.

Let’s talk about all of the factors that can cause it, what you can do about it – and even what you shouldn’t do that could make it worse.

Genetic Causes

  1. Androgenic Alopecia – also known as Male Pattern Baldness (This can also affect women, called Female Pattern Baldness) is a condition that can start to rear its head as early as a man’s teens or twenties. You’ll notice a receding hairline at the front and in the back, you’ll notice the hair starting to disappear from the crown.
  2. Involutional Alopecia – this is another condition that’s somewhat natural, in the sense that it just happens. Over time, as a person gets older, they gradually lose more hair.
  3. Hormonal Changes (such as pregnancy or menopause) can also cause hair loss, although this is normally temporary, so don’t feel bad if this is happening – but still have it checked out!


Medical Conditions

There’s a number of medical conditions that will cause a person to start losing their hair – infections such as ringworm, any disease that could possibly cause scarring, thyroid gland conditions, and a disease called Alopecia Areata. This disease causes the immune system to attack hair follicles.


There are also many drugs that can cause hair loss – Cancer drugs, blood pressure/heart drugs, arthritis drugs, and depression drugs can all cause some type of loss or thinning.


prevent-hair-lossCan hair loss be prevented?

The short answer is yes and no.

As discussed above, hair loss is caused by many factors – and more specifically, if it’s caused by medication or diet (lack of nutrients such as iron or protein) or hormones, it can be treated.

Keep your diet in check – make sure you’re eating proper nutrients, research your medications, and if you’re pregnant or going through menopause, do some research there as well – if you take care of yourself you can prevent it. If it’s past the point of prevention, then fret not – you can still treat it and it should grow back.

Sadly, genetic loss cannot be prevented. It’s going to happen.


What NOT to do.

So, losing your hair/thinning hair is going to happen – it’s just part of life. It’s a sad part, but sometimes it’s just there. You can take measures to possibly slow down the thinning.

  1. Don’t use pounds of chemicals. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll probably want to style up your hair now and then – and that’s ok. Try not to use a ton of harmful chemicals, if possible. Perms, Hair colors, Hair bleaches and so on – those can all damage your hair.
  2. Don’t wash your hair every day. A lot of people do this, it just sounds like it’s right – but it’s really not. Your hair will be fine if it’s only washed a few days a week. Regular washing dries the hair of all of it’s natural oils and can damage it.
  3. Don’t stress. I know this one can be tough, but do what you have to to ease some of the stress in your life, because it will make you go bald.
  4. Don’t eat trashy foods. It’s 2014 – it’s hard to not eat junk food/fast food these days, but keep in mind: Those foods are low in all of the important vitamins and minerals your body needs to survive. I have a feeling that cavemen had more hair than we do.
  5. Don’t ignore it. lastly, if you’re sure everything is in check: Your diet is good, your medications aren’t causing it, everything in your life is where it should be – don’t ignore it. Go talk to your doctor, because perhaps you missed something that’s causing it. If not, then they will be better equipped to help you deal with it.

Sexual attraction – what do women want?

Sexual attraction is a bit of a mystery to some people. A lot of people think it’s simple and it’s all about looks – but there’s a lot more to it than that. To summarize things a lot – we’re all a part of the human race, and the human race will do anything that it can to survive.

That being said – underneath everything, we’re all programmed to want to survive – which means ‘getting it on’ with someone else.

attract-womanA woman wants a man that is strong, handsome, and rich – and if he dresses nice and smells good, then even better.

Okay, so I’m kidding a little bit – it’s not THAT simple – so don’t worry.

However, there is some truth to that statement.

Think about this; a woman wants a man that has great genetics because – she wants her children to have great genetics – no one wants an ugly kid.

If he’s strong, he can take care of her, if he’s rich, he can take care of her. Underneath everything, again, it all boils down to survival – our natural human instinct is to survive, and having lots of strong kids is a great way to survive as a race.

There’s a lot to take into account when it comes to sexual attraction, some of it is genetic and just can’t be helped – but luckily, some of it can be helped. We’ll dig more into both of those so you can see what you’re working with and what you can do to look more attractive to women.


So we’ll talk about some of the things you really won’t have a lot of control over – that way the hard stuff is done and out of the way.

Immune System – First on our – thankfully – short list is your immune system.

Yes, as strange as that sounds – your immune system plays a huge role. Studies have been conducted that involve having women smell t-shirts of men from all walks of life.

They never even see the men, but the studies have been shown that the women were more interested in the t-shirts belonging to the men with a different major histocompatibility complex (MHC for short – a collection of genes relating to the immune system) than themselves. Women unconsciously want a man with a different MHC than themselves because this means a stronger immune system (2 in 1).

I know this one is a bit out there in left field, but scientifically it’s true. I wouldn’t say it’s the most important factor – because you can definitely get around this one.

sexy-manGood looks – The second item of discussion on the list is looks – this can be controlled to an extent, and we’ll talk about that later.

Right now, we’ll just talk about what you’re born with. Women do want a man that’s strong, because it means that they can defend them when times get tough. They also want you to have a nice face. It’s still a bit difficult to really pinpoint what makes a nice face and what makes an awful face – when we look at one, we just know. However, many studies have been done on this topic, and researchers are starting to figure it out.


What you can control

Okay, let’s get into the things that you can control. Some of it might be easy, some of it might be hard – but I’ll lay it all out there for you. Remember, this is what’s important – because it’s something you can DO.

Money – yes, as cliché as it is – and regardless of what a woman tells you, money IS a factor.

This doesn’t mean that all women out for your money, what it means is this: subconsciously, a woman wants a man that will be able to support her and her family. In the ancient caveman days, the man that brought home the most food was attractive – because it meant that HIS family wouldn’t starve.

The same is true today, though the terms are a bit different. A man with more money will be able to support himself and his family.

Attitude – A woman wants a man that has an attitude! No, not necessarily a bad one – but a woman does want a man with a “take charge” type of attitude. This means that a man like this won’t be pushed around and won’t just guess about things. His family will survive because he won’t take crap and he’ll make decisions.

These things are things that you have control over. It is possible for you to make more money – a woman doesn’t want a man that’s broke. Plus, being broke just sucks – so start working on that. That’s a topic that’s well beyond the scope of this article, so I leave that one up to you to look into, but do do it.

You also have control over your attitude. Don’t get pushed around – but don’t go around being a jerk either. Work on being assertive, make decisions for yourself without hesitating a lot, look a person in the eyes – that sort of thing. Take control of your situations.

Also – and this is very important – kiss a woman like you mean it. Studies have shown that many women (nearly 70% – that’s HUGE) have said that they’re not interested in a man that can’t kiss. The reason is this – a kiss will tell a lot about your character. If you’re in charge of the situation and you believe in yourself, then it will show in your kiss. So man up!

happy-in-love… And Back to Looks – Now, then – earlier I said that you don’t have much control over your looks. The truth is you don’t – but at the same time – you do have control over some things. You don’t just have to take the cards that you were dealt. Make sure you pay attention to your hygiene. Shower regularly, wear clean clothes. Wear clothes that are nice and fit you well. Groom yourself – all of those sorts of things.

All of these really fit into that “attitude” category as well – or even “money” also.

Someone that dresses nice might have a little cash. I also mentioned that a woman likes a strong man – and perhaps you topped out at 5’4”, or maybe you’re tall but you’ve got chicken legs. Start going to the gym. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, but a woman will notice if you’ve got a little meat on your bones. Also, it’s just healthy – so do it.

Hopefully, this article has helped to cut through some of the fog – and now you have an idea of just what sexual attraction is, how it works, and what you can do to look more attractive to women.